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International Manufacturing Forum Series 2021 – 7th January 2021 – The Universal Printer

This is a twelve day virtual conference spread over 12 months, with a one conference held on the first thursday of each month. Each one day conference will focus on a specific topic within the broad umbrella of Manufacturing. There will be a particular emphasis on topics related to Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing. CDRSP is a centre of excellence in the field of Direct Digital Manufacturing and was recently judged by an International Panel of the Foundation for Science and Technology to be the best Research Unit in the field of Mechanical Engineering and System Engineering in Portugal.
Direct Digital Manufacturing is a family of technologies which is able to product products directly from a digital definition without the use of moulds or other complex tooling. For Direct Digital Manufacturing to take its place as a major manufacturing technology, greater focus is required on the development of new standards and theoretical models on the mathematical conceptualization of what are its physical and methodological limitations. This exploration naturally leads to the concept of a Universal Printer (by analogy with the Universal Turing Machine) and has the purpose of exploring the limits of physical printing. The Universal Printer is a virtual machine with the capability of printing everything that can be printed. Our goal is to establish standards and basic principles that can be used to formalize the concept of 3D printing. A variety of different technologies have begun this process of development and presentations are welcome on any approach as long as the focus is on the exploration of the limits of printing physical objects. We invite papers which address any aspect of this emerging area with respect to both the technology, simulations, optimisation techniques, case studies and applications. Please submit your abstract prepared using the template available here and submit using the form available here. Abstracts will be considered immediately they arrive, so please send your abstract as soon as possible to secure a slot in the programme.


Geoffrey Mitchell


Geoffrey Mitchell is a Vice-Director of the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development, a Coordinator Investigator at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and Emeritus Professor at the University of Reading UK. He is/was supervisor/co-supervisor of fifty PhD and forty MSc Students.

Geoffrey Mitchell received a first degree in Metallurgy from the City of London Polytechnic, an MSc in Physical Research Techniques and a PhD degree in Polymer Physics from the CNNA/University of Cambridge.

Nelson Ferreira


Nelson Martins-Ferreira is a mathematician working at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. His main research areas are:  Topological and Computational Geometry;  Homological and Computational Algebra; – Category Theory; – Theory of Computation


Dan Luo

School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Queensland University Australia

Developing smart material system with AI and computer vision… Robotic automatic generation of performance model for non-uniform linear material via deep learning… Artificial Intellegence and Material Computation… intelligence, material computation to human centric collaborative fabrication with VR/AR. It is her… performance model that computes and customizes properties of non-uniform linear materials to accommodate…

Estelina Silva

University of Porto

Dr Estelina Silva is a Researcher at IFIMUP, Department of Physics and Astronomy at the Faculty of Science of the University of Oporto (Portugal). Prior to joining Oporto, she was at the Polytechnical University of Valencia with a Marie-Sklodowska-Curie individual Fellowship, working in direct collaboration with experimental groups on pressure-induced phase transitions of sesquichalcogenides. Her academic background includes a PhD degree from the University of Bath (UK); and a MSc and BSc degrees in Physics (Computational Modelling and Simulation), both from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra (Portugal).


“Universal Printer” Session of IMFS2021

Nelson Ferreira


Nelson Martins-Ferreira is a mathematician working at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. His main research areas are: Topological and Computational Geometry; Homological and Computational Algebra; Category Theory; Theory of Computation

He his a fellow member at the Center for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development performing several scientific activities, such as: Implementation of high performance computational systems with applications to industry and engineering; Mathematical Structures Engineering and its applications; Optimal control systems for Additive Manufacturing and 3D-printing;