IMFS March Programme

The 3rd IMFS session will take place on March 4th. Register to participate!


International Manufacturing Forum Series 2021

The IMFS is a virtual conference series , held on the first Thursday of each month of the year. The series will start in 2021. Each Virtual Conference will last one day and will be focused on a specific topic which is within the rather broad manufacturing umbrella with an emphasis on Industry 4.0 and Direct Digital Manufacturing. The focus of the March meeting is “Food and Direct Digital Manufacturing”. The Chairs of this meeting are Maria Manuel Gil and Geoffrey Mitchell

All timings are Western Europe Time (WET = GMT+0, or UTC = GMT+0)


International Manufacturing Forum Series 2021

March 4th 2021

Time Type Title Speaker
10:00 Introduction The International Manufacturing Forum Series Geoffrey Mitchell
10:05 Welcome Welcome from President of the Polytechnic of Leiria Rui Pedrosa
10:10 Session 1 Chair Maria Mauel Gil
10:15 Keynote 1 Direct Ink Writing (DIW) 3D Printing of Food Inks Michinao Hashimoto
Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore
10:55 Qs & Discussion
11:05 Comfort Break
11:30 Session 2 Chair Geoffrey Mitchell
11:30 Keynote 2 From digital image to food product: 3D food printing makes feasible the creation of nutritional and sensory personalized food products with unprecedented benefits. Antonio Derossi Università degli studi di Foggia, Italy
12:10 Qs & Discussion
12:20 Keynote 3 Marine resources as food material for 3D-printing – innovative
strategies to improve the efficiency of fish value chain
Maria Mauel Gil; MARE-IPLEIRIA, Peniche, Portugal
13:00 Qs & Discussion
13:10 Lunch Break
14:30 Session 3 Chair Maria Mauel Gil
14:30 Keynote 4 3D Food Printing: From functional food to cultured meat Lorenzo Pastrana, The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Braga, Portugal
14:45 Qs & Discussion
14:55 Invited 1 Electrospinning a route to textured food. Geoffrey Mitchell CDRSP-IPLEIRIA, Marinha Grande, Portugal
15:10 Qs & Discussion
15:15 Summary Summary of Forum Maria Manuel Gil


The entire one day session will be recorded so as to provide an opportunity for many others to benefit from the programme. If you do not wish your presentation to be recorded please send an email to that effect to